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Réseau M Jeunesse

Quebec’s Gen Xers and Millennials are brimming with entrepreneurial spirit. In fact, the percentage of 18- to 35-year-olds looking to start their own business has more than tripled since 2010 to hit 42,2% in 2016.

There are plenty of factors that set this generation apart: an expectation of immediacy, a natural ease in working collaboratively, a willingness to embrace crowdfunding, and a recognition of various social and environmental imperatives. But even though their vision of business differs greatly from the entrepreneurs that preceded them, their mentoring needs are still very real. Réseau M has therefore developed a program in tune with their realities to support them in those first few critical years and nurture their drive and passion.

A number of the accredited mentors assigned to Réseau M Jeunesse have been specially trained to understand what makes this new generation of entrepreneurs tick.


Other programs offered by Reseau M Jeunesse:

Mission France

Set your sights on global markets! In the past five years, Réseau M has teamed up with strategic partners to offer a unique international sponsorship and support initiative for young mentees aged 18 to 35. This mission now falls under the umbrella of the Réseau M Jeunesse program.

More details here.


Entreprendre, ça te branche?

The idea of these talks is to ignite an entrepreneurial spark in the next generation.

Organized by the Fondation de l'entrepreneurship, in collaboration with Réseau M, and made possible through a partnership with Hydro-Québec, these presentations aim to make entrepreneurship more accessible to Quebec students of all ages, as well as to instil strong entrepreneurial values in them and encourage them to consider a career path in this direction.

  • Free presentations in numerous schools throughout Quebec
  • Available to all levels, elementary through university
  • Delivered by dynamic and specially trained entrepreneurs and accredited Réseau M mentors
  • Focus on real-life stories and experiences
  • This project has been developed to complement existing initiatives in your area.

Ateliers interactifs "Je l'ai fait"

  • Workshops built around mentors’ real-life business experiences.
  • Various themes such as “Doing Business Overseas” and “Social Media and E-Commerce” 


Group mentoring

  • Peer development facilitated by a mentor
  • Adapted to the realities of collective or multi-partner entrepreneurship
  • Eight key themes, including corporate culture, leadership, work-life balance and risk management

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