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Réseau Mentorat: Committed to young entrepreneurs 

We are dedicated to meeting the specific needs of entrepreneurs aged 18 to 35 by tapping into the strength of Réseau Mentorat’s established network of experienced entrepreneurs. In addition to the Entreprendre, ça te branche?! series of talks and Mission France, several initiatives are currently in the works to support this niche, including:

  • “Young Entrepreneur” accreditation so that active Réseau Mentorat mentors can better understand the realities of Gen Xers/Millennials and tailor their mentoring approach accordingly.
  • Interactive workshops ("Je l’ai fait!") for mentors to share real-life stories and experiences with young mentees.
  • Group mentoring to walk young entrepreneurs through a joint business development scenario.
  • An experimental project ("Mentors, Nouvelle génération") to recruit up-and-coming entrepreneurs active in the new economy.


"Dans les coulisses du mentorat"

Talks for entrepreneurs of all ages and operating in all sectors, providing an “up close and personal” look at the mentoring experience.


Social economy

A mentoring project set up by Réseau Mentorat mentors to specifically address the needs of co-op and non-profit entrepreneurs. This is a one-year pilot project in collaboration with the Caisse d’économie solidaire Desjardins and the Chantier de l’économie sociale.

Three social economy mentorship cells have been established in Montreal, Laval and Quebec City to cater to the heads of non-profit Quebec-based cooperative and associative enterprises. The mentors who work with them have a similar profile and have received training and accreditation from Réseau Mentorat.


Other projects in development

Réseau Mentorat plans to develop more content, activities and resources to support mentoring initiatives as well as entrepreneurship involving women and cultural/ethnic communities. Stay tuned!


Intangible factors involved in transferring business ownership

These workshops use real-life examples and a first-hand account from an entrepreneur who exited a successful venture. They are intended to spark discussion and provide food for thought on the intangible factors that can either sabotage or facilitate a transfer of ownership.

These workshops are presented in collaboration with National Bank.